general sales <Feb.1 – April 8>

Availalbe from Ticket Pia only 2 day VIP ticket with meal

<limited 20 seats>

*reserved seat on April 9, meal at the VIP room on April 10

Special seat with after party

VIP 2days with meal¥26,000 (w/tax ¥28,080)

reserved seats for April 9, 10, meal and after party on April 10 only

* Same seats for both dates

Availalbe from Ticket Pia only  April 10 VIP w/ meal

<limited 30 seats>

*Special seat with meal and after party in the VIP room on Apirl 10

VIP (with meal)¥22,000 (w/tax ¥23,760)

reserved seat on April 10, meal and after party

S 2 day ticket<limited 60 seats>

※ Same seats for both dates, April 9, 10

S seat 2day ticket¥15,000 (w/tax ¥16,200)

reserved seats for April 9, 10,

*Same seats for both dates

April 10 S seat

Nomination & Music Festival only

April 10 S seat¥8,000 (w/tax ¥8,640)

reserved serat on April 10

April 9 S seat

Hula Hoike only

April 9 S seat¥7,000 (w/tax ¥7,560)

reserved seat on April 9


Ticket Pia Internet :http://w.pia.jp/p/nahoku16sp/
* for both PC and mobile
Phone :0570-02-9999(24h auto voice reply)  P-code :279-060
Tickets can be purchased at :Ticket Pia, Seven Eleven, Circle K Sankus
-1 show per phone call available in Japanese only

*Pia membership required for purchase*
Internet :http://w.pia.jp/t/nahokuhanohano/
Tickets can be purchased at :Ticket Pia, Seven Eleven, Circle K Sankus

available in Japanese only

※VIP Tickets only available from Ticket Pia

available in Japanese only


Lawson TicketInternet :http://l-tike.com/nahoku-2016/
Phone :0570-084-003 L-code : 73917
available in Japanese only

available in Japanese only


Rakuten Tickethttp://r-t.jp/nahokuhanohano
available in Japanese only

CN PlayguideInternet :http://www.cnplayguide.com/nahokuhanohano/
Phone :0570-08-9999
※Voice guidance not available on some mobile phones, PHS, CATV connected phones nor IP phones.
available in Japanese only

TBS Online Tickethttp://www.e-tix.jp/tbs/tbsonline/tbsonline.html#na
available in Japanese only